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New Patient Evaluations and Follow-up Treatments are $75.00.

Note: All herbal prescriptions are a separate cost to the patient.

New Patient Evaluation & Treatment (50 minutes): First visits include evaluating and learning about the condition being treated, creating a treatment plan. The actual treatment usually is of shorter duration since the evaluation portion takes part of the time. (This service may or may not include herbal medicine prescriptions).

Follow-up Consultations (50 minutes): Includes evaluating progress and providing acupuncture, bodywork and in some instances modifying herbal formulas. It is recommended that patients schedule follow-up consultations to ensure continuity of care.

Chinese Medicine Herbs

Herbal Consultations (50 minutes): Herbal consultations alone are also available for those who are not seeking acupuncture or bodywork. I do not have an in-house pharmacy but I utilize the pharmacy from the Alternative Clinic in Asheville. The Alternative clinic can mail the formulas or I often bring the formulas to the office and my patients will pick them up at my Tryon office. 

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Neck & Shoulder Tension Reduction (50 minutes):  I will begin with a brief evaluation to determine what specific areas are problematic. Treatment may include a combination of bodywork, acupuncture, cupping to help relax and relieve tension.

Stress Relief (50 minutes): This is a gentle treatment that provides deep Qi needling and bodywork to soothe and calm and relieve stress.

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